How does it work?

The basic package offers a set of 10 different articles presented to the target 180 times over a three month period. The articles, along with their eye catching headlines, are chosen by a group of psychologists in order to influence the target on a subconscious level.

The Spinner* sends you an innocent looking link. This link is sent to the target via text message. When the target presses the link, a cookie connected to the link attaches itself to the target’s phone. From that point on, the target will be strategically bombarded with articles and media tailored to him or her.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a type of advertising that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. It manifests as either an article or video, while matching the form and style which would otherwise be seen in the work of the platform's editorial staff.

Content discovery platforms are in charge of all those “around the web” and "recommended for you" ads that are syndicated in either rows of links or boxes of ads that appear under articles on many news and general information pages.

How is it that only the target sees the chosen content?

Thanks to an online advertising technique called "retargeting", the service makes sure that only the target sees the content chosen for her or him.

The Spinner* service places a small piece of code on any web page.
When the target visits that page - the code drops a browser cookie.
Later, when the target browses the web, the cookie lets content discovery platforms know when to serve content, which content to serve, and the order and the frequency of the headlines and images.

Is it legal?

Yes. In today’s vast online media market the attachment of cookies to is legal. Most publishers declare that they use your information to facilitate the delivery of targeted ads to deliver targeted advertising. Third parties may collect or receive certain information about you.

According to The Spinner's terms of use, if the initiator of the Spinner service (i.e. the party that orderedand/or paid for the service) sends the 'targeting link' to any user via any digital media, it’s the initiator’s responsibility to refer the recipient to The Spinner's terms of useand privacy policy

How much does it cost?

The basic package at a priced at $49-79, offers a set of 10 different articles presented to the target 180 times over the course of three months.