Terms of Use

Welcome to The Spinner! These Terms of Use (“Terms”) govern your rights and obligations regarding the use of The Spinner Software (“Software”) and service (both collectively referred to as the “Service”) and content (“Content”) on the Internet or in cellular media. These Terms constitute a fully binding agreement between The Spinner (including its affiliates and subsidiaries, “We”) the proprietor of all rights in and to the Service, and you. It is therefore recommended that you carefully read these Terms.


The Spinner is a service that enables the user to control banner articles presented to somebody else – "the target". The service is not done by hacking into one's phone or downloading any malicious software. The service incorporates a popular marketing technique that displays specific ads to specific users.

If the initiator of the service (i.e. the party that ordered and/or paid for the service) sends the "targeting link" to any other user via any digital media, it is the initiator's responsibility to refer the "sent" party to The Spinner's Terms of use and privacy policy. For the service to work properly, the target must access news sites or social media on a daily basis.


If you were targeted by another person, and you wish not to be exposed to the content chosen for you, please follow the instructions below:

To clear your cookies and browsing history on Windows, macOS, or Linux, click the three dots menu > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data. (Or press Ctrl+Shift+Delete on Windows, or Command+Shift+Delete on a Mac).

Select from “the beginning of time” in the box at the top of the screen and check the “Browsing history” option. You can also choose to clear other private data from here, including your download history, cookies, and browser cache.


Customer can request to cancel their order with a particular reason within 7 days of service agreement, and get a full refund.

If you required, you can ask us to use any information provided at any instance and inform us by writing an email at CustomerService@TheSpinner.net.


The Spinner hereby grants you a free of charge, non-exclusive, time-limited, non-transferrable, non-sub-licensable, revocable license to use the Service (including the Software) for non-commercial purposes, subject to these Terms.


You may use the Service solely for private and personal purposes. You must not use the Service commercially. For example, you may not offer to third parties a service of your own that uses the Service; you may not resell the Service, offer it for rent or lease, offer it to the public via communication or integrate it within a service of your own, without the prior written consent of The Spinner.

Maximum liability

The total aggregate liability of The Spinner to you for all breaches or claims arising under or in connection with this agreement shall be the total charges paid by you under this agreement. The Spinner shall have no liability to you for claims arising under this agreement if you fail to notify The Spinner of such claims within 45 days of the date you first become aware of the potential claim.

The company makes its best effort to provide at least 180 impressions of the chosen content to each targeted user. However, our ability to fully provide the service is dependent on the target's behavior: clicking the "targeting link", using social media and news website frequently etc.

I agree to receiving commercial information, newsletters and personal notifications by email to the email address I have provided to The Spinner.


There are certain conducts which are strictly prohibited on the Service. Please read the following restrictions carefully. Your failure to comply with the provisions set forth below may result (at The Spinner’s sole discretion) in the termination of your access to the Service and may also expose you to civil and/or criminal liability.

You may not, whether by yourself or anyone on your behalf: (1) copy, modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble any portion of the content of the Service and/or Site, in any way or publicly display, perform, or distribute them; (2) make any use of the Content on any other website or networked computer environment for any purpose, or replicate or copy the Content without The Spinner prior written consent (3) use the Service and/or Site for any illegal, immoral or unauthorized purpose; (4) use the Site, the Service, the Content and/or for non-personal or commercial purposes without The Spinner express prior written consent; or (5) infringe or violate any of the Terms.


All intellectual property rights in and to the Site, the Service and its database, including copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs, patents and trade secrets– are either exclusive property of The Spinner or exclusively licensed to The Spinner.

Copying, distributing, publicly displaying, offering to the public via communication, transferring to the public, modifying, adapting, processing, creating derivative works, selling or leasing, any part the Service, in any manner or means without the prior written consent of The Spinner, is strictly of forbidden. “The Spinner”, The Spinner logo, and other trade and/or service marks are property of means.The Spinner and may not be used in any of the aforementioned


Without derogating from any applicable law, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Spinner and its employees, officers, directors and agents, in the event you have violated these Terms or have operated unlawfully with respect to the Service. Such indemnity shall cover all expenses, payments, loss, loss of profits or any other damage, direct or indirect, monetary or non- monetary, incurred by The Spinner, its employees, officers, directors or agents, including but not limited to legal expenses and attorney fees.

Europe & UK

Citizens of the European Union or the United Kingdom are not allowed to use the service.

Users from any other region are not allowed to send the "targeting link" to citizens of the European Union or the United Kingdom.


These Terms, together with the policies that are an integral part of these Terms, namely the Privacy Policy, shall all constitute the entire and complete agreement between you and The Spinner concerning The Spinner Service. In the event of an inconsistency between these Terms and the synopsis of terms presented to the user during Software installation, these Terms shall prevail.


These Terms of Use and the use of the Service, including uploading any data and contents by you onto the Service including The Spinner’s databases, do not, and shall not be construed to create any relationship, partnership, joint venture, employer-employee, agency, or franchisor-franchisee relationship in any way and of any kind between the parties hereto. Your use of the Service for your enjoyment and benefit constitutes the sole and sufficient consideration for any contribution you have to The Spinner Service, its contents, maps and any other data.


These Terms, the Software and the Service, will be governed solely by the laws of the city of St. Petersburg, Russian, without giving effect to any conflicts of law principles. Any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of, connected with or relating to these Terms, the Software and the Service, will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in St. Petersburg.